Photographic Rates

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Commercial Photography Price Guide 2023 

All commercial photography projects differ and this is a guide for you to get a good idea of our pricing for commercial photography shoots. We do our best to be transparent about costings. Below is an indication of how much you will need to budget for your project. 

  • 1hr - £195

  • 1/2 day - £445 

  • 1 day - £695

There is no VAT to add as we are not VAT registered.

Our prices include an equal about of time for grading and processing as we spend on the shoot.

All travelling within a 5 mile radius of Shrewsbury Ctre is included and there are no added costs (60p p/mile beyond the inclusive radius). All images are stored and are made available to the client via our website and remain there whilst client remains active. All images are downloadable in full resolution and can be shared with the clients printers/designers etc.This online storage is unlimited and included in rate. Image manipulation is not included in the above rates and is quoted per shoot. Payment terms are on receipt of images.

You have unrestricted use of the photography we provide, the only thing we ask is that you don't sell them on or give them away. We also often  work on a retainer basis so please get in touch if you think this would work for you.

Value for Money
We work hard to provide the best value for money we can. While we try and keep costs low, the tools of our trade are expensive, we have insurance and ongoing costs and for every day we spend on a shoot we have several days of processing, admin and day to day running of a Commercial photography business.